Distintos grupos realizaron encuestas en los EE.UU. con el fin de determinar cuánto conocen los estadounidenses de sí mismos.

Los resultados son desalentadores.

Americans guessed that 30% of their countrymen are vegan.i The real proportion? Just 5%. 

Respondents estimated 20% of Americans had a household income over $1 million. The proportion is less than 1%. i

When asked what percentage of Americans live in New York City, the respondents said 30%. The actual number: 3%. 1 

They assumed that about 50% of Americans have consistently opposed immigration. Actually, 75% of Americans say immigrants strengthen the U.S., three times higher than in the mid-90s. 2 

Americans guessed that somewhere between 1/4  and 1/3 of the country still opposes interracial marriage … when the actual approval rate for interracial marriage is 94%.3 

They also thought that more than half of Americans were “very interested in politics” … when the real number is less than 25%. 2 

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